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Unique world wide:Premium Paper Resource

Unique world wide:
Premium Paper Resource


For art reproductions and digital art: FineArt inkjet papers by Hahnemühle

written by Bettina Scheerbarth - 0 comments

“For a long time, I was looking for the perfect media for the reproduction of my abstract paintings and now I rely on Hahnemühle’s Digital FineArt papers “, reveals Helen Abbas , artist from Dubai. “I scan the originals and sell limited reproductions. The prints on the Hahnemühle media...

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Greetings from Abroad on Hahnemühle Watercolour postcards

written by Gast - Guest - 0 comments

Yulia Demina To tell the truth, my education and current job do not relate to creativity at all. I am an auditor in one of the largest international companies. Me and my friends like to travel very much. And it’s a tradition to bring small presents (for example, magnets) or send postcards from...

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Photokina 2014: Hahnemühle Photo Silk Baryta receives TIPA trophy

Hahnemühle FineArt is going to present at Photokina 2014 a true baryta inkjet paper with TIPA...

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New acrylic block by Hahnemühle

Acryl 330gsm, the new block by Hahnemühle, is slightly glossy and features a subtle linen...

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100 years of Leica photography: “10 x 10″ exhibition on Hahnemühle Paper

Together Leica Camera AG and Hahnemühle, represent 530 years German corporate history and stand...

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Green Rooster

Bienvenidos al Proyecto Green-Rooster – la iniciativa ecológica Hahnemühle

Agua limpia y fibras naturales son desde más de 425 años los componentes fundamentales de nuestro éxito. Estas materias primas son las que hacen posible la elaboración de nuestros...

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