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Unique world wide:Premium Paper ResourceTime to ShineHahnemühle Canvas MetallicStyle SketchDessiner avec Style with Hahnemühle

Unique world wide:
Premium Paper Resource

Time to Shine
Hahnemühle Canvas Metallic

Style Sketch
Dessiner avec Style with Hahnemühle


Artist Signing @Photokina: Photo Art on finest Hahnemühle Photo Paper

written by Bettina Scheerbarth - 0 comments

Hahnemühle invites six photographers for Artist Signing sessions on each Photokina day. An exclusive, limited Hahnemühle Photokina-Edition each of 100 prints by Stefan Milev, Kirill Golovchenko, Nomi Baumgartl, Mario Marino, Andreas H. Bitesnich and Jochen Brillowski will be awarded to...

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Pastel painting on Hahnemühle Velour

written by Gast - Guest - 0 comments

Simone Hofmann There are hundreds of pastel colors in different degrees of hardness, and in a variety of colors and shades available, depending on the manufacturer. This opens up a potential that allows the presentation of complex and highly detailed designs. The key to a successful pastel...

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Photokina 2014: Hahnemühle Photo Silk Baryta receives TIPA trophy

Hahnemühle FineArt is going to present at Photokina 2014 a true baryta inkjet paper with TIPA...

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New acrylic block by Hahnemühle

Acryl 330gsm, the new block by Hahnemühle, is slightly glossy and features a subtle linen...

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100 years of Leica photography: “10 x 10″ exhibition on Hahnemühle Paper

Together Leica Camera AG and Hahnemühle, represent 530 years German corporate history and stand...

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Green Rooster

Bienvenue sur le site Green-Rooster (Coq Vert) – L’initiative de Hahnemühle pour la protection de l’environnement

Depuis plus de 425 ans, l’eau pure et les fibres naturelles sont la base de notre réussite. Sans l’existence de ces matières premières, la production de nos papiers de qualité exceptionnelle serait tout simplement impossible...

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