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Another Time, Another Place #2

Artist carlo rondinelli
Print Title Another Time, Another Place #2
Certificates (1)

#388560 (Rooster)

Description "Another Time, Another Place" is a 1983 film by director Michael Radford. It tells the fictional story of three Italian soldiers who are taken prisoner by the British during World War II and sent to Scotland to work in the potato fields. They are practically free but without freedom and besides, if they escaped, where could they go? Sometimes photographic projects take shape by being born on the thrust of sensations related to the moment we are living or, in certain circumstances, undergoing passively them. I wanted to give this series of photographs the same title as the film because even today, in a certain sense, we are going through a moment in which we are free but without freedom, linked as we are in search of a solution to a global health emergency. In conceiving the photographic project, my intent was to convey to those who would look at the photographs the sensation of a rarefied, suspended, deserted world, the "Another time" in the title. I "used" the place where I currently live, Malcesine, a country with a purely tourist vocation, portraying it completely away from that postcard image that is normally advertised, the "Another Place" in the film. For this project I used a Harman Titan 4x5 "pinhole camera and Bergger Filmprint 3 ASA black and white film. Through the long exposures made all with cloudy skies to give uniformity to the photographic series, I tried to create that idea of rarefaction and suspension that I wanted to convey in who would look at these photographs. Hahnemüle Photo Rag 308 gmq, 40x50 cm., this is 1/5, signed numbered and framed
Media Type Hahnemüle Photo Rag 308 gmq
Printer Epson
Ink Epson
Upload date 2021-09-16
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