Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions of entry – Hahnemühle Student Photo Competition

1. Preliminary remarks and definitions
The following terms and conditions govern entry to the ‘Hahnemühle Student Photo Competition’ (hereinafter referred to as the Competition).

The organiser is Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH, Hahnestrasse 5, 37586 Dassel, Germany (hereinafter referred to as Hahnemühle).
The website www.hahnemuehle.com/photocompetition (hereinafter referred to as the Website) is available for registration and submission of entries.

2. Eligibility, registration and withdrawal
The Competition is open to students from all countries of the world whose study focus is photography and who are enrolled at a state-recognised university, college or photography school. No fees are charged for entering.

Registration is only possible online via the Website. It is only valid if the registration form is filled out completely and truthfully and the entrant agrees to the Competition’s terms and conditions of entry and Hahnemühle’s privacy policy.

An entrant may delete their data by sending an email at photocompetition@hahnemuehle.com before the closing date, thereby withdrawing from the Competition.

3. Theme, submission and size of image files
Only photo series with five images may be entered in the Competition. The series must have a title and a brief description. Entrants are free to choose the theme of their series. Each entrant may only submit one photo series.

The photo series can only be uploaded to a Hahnemühle server via the upload portal on the Website. Entry-related data sent by other means will not be taken into account.

The size of each individual image file is limited to 20 MB. All image data must be uploaded in jpg format.

All image files will be used exclusively for the Competition in accordance with point 11 below.

4. Start and closing date

The Competition opens on 1 March 2019. The closing date for submitting entries is 30 April 2019.

5. Jury and evaluation
The jury is appointed by Hahnemühle. The jury’s decisions are independent. The jury is an international team with at least five members with special expertise in photography. The jury’s decision is final and cannot be legally challenged. An introduction to the members of the jury will be given on the Website.


6. Preliminary round
The jury will judge the photo series on the following criteria

  • artistic quality - image composition, creativity and visual persuasiveness
  • technical quality - technical implementation
  • content quality - congruence between content concept and visual implementation

In the preliminary round, each jury member will evaluate all entries according to the above three criteria and will award up to five points per criterion. The 50 images with the most points will qualify for the final round. If several entries have the same number of points and are all ranked fiftieth, all of those entries will advance to the final round.

7. Final round
The finalists will be notified in writing to the email address they have provided. They will then receive a set of sample packs containing Hahnemühle FineArt media. The sample packs are intended for test prints and to help with paper selection. The finalists must email their feedback to Hahnemühle by 15 August 2019 and indicate which paper they have chosen for the final print run of their photo series.

Hahnemühle will then provide each finalist with an A3+ box of the selected paper containing 25 sheets for printing the photo series.

The finalists must then print their photo series on the selected Hahnemühle paper and send the printed images to

Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH
Photo Competition
Hahnestrasse 5
37586 Dassel

The closing date of the final round is 15 October 2019. Shipping costs must be borne by the entrant.

The jury will jointly select three winners from the printed submissions of the finalists. In addition to the evaluation criteria in the preliminary round, the focus of the jury’s evaluation will be the interaction between the image’s message and the selected paper.

The winners will be notified in writing to the email address they have provided and will be announced to the public at photokina 2020.

8. Prizes
The photo series chosen by the jury for first place will be awarded prize money of EUR 1.500. The prize money for second place is EUR 1.000 and for third place EUR 500. The purpose of the prize money is to promote and financially support the future photographic work of the winners.

In addition, the winning series and, optionally, a selection of finalists will be presented in full or in excerpts at the Hahnemühle stand at photokina 2020. Further exhibitions are possible as an option.

Entrants whose images are exhibited will be notified in writing to the email address they have provided, prior to the respective exhibition.

9. Prohibited content
Entrants must ensure that the photos uploaded via the Website comply with the applicable laws and these terms and conditions of entry. Examples of prohibited content include:

  • Any content and representations that are harmful to children and young people,
  • Works protected by copyright if the entrant does not have the corresponding rights of use,
  • Images of persons without their consent,
  • Personal data of third parties without their consent,
  • Images with obscene, discriminating or insulting content or images glorifying violence,
  • Use of the Competition solely for political or religious activity.

The above list of prohibited content is not exhaustive. Inadmissible entries will be deleted without notice and excluded from the Competition as soon as Hahnemühle becomes aware of their inadmissibility.


10. Warranty and consent of the entrants
By entering the Competition, the entrant declares that

  • They are a student enrolled at a state-recognised university, college or photography school with photography as their study focus,
  • They photographed the submitted images themselves,
  • They are submitting only one photo series,
  • They are the sole owner of the copyright for the submitted photo series,
  • They may freely dispose of the images and the existing rights of use attached to them,
  • The photos do not infringe the rights of third parties (in particular copyright, trademark and personal rights),
  • If they reach the final round, they agree to their first name and surname being mentioned in connection with the Competition and the subsequent planned exhibitions, as well as in the associated marketing and press material. This consent may only be revoked for good cause.

The entrant indemnifies Hahnemühle against all claims asserted by third parties against Hahnemühle for infringement of their rights by photos submitted by the entrant.

11. Rights of use of Hahnemühle
Hahnemühle may only use the photos as described below. Any other use is prohibited or shall require a separate written agreement between Hahnemühle and the entrant.

By uploading the photo series, the entrant grants Hahnemühle the free, non-exclusive, temporally and spatially unlimited right to use the photos to advertise the Competition in advertisements and editorials.

Upon qualifying for the final round and if awarded a prize, the entrant authorises Hahnemühle and third parties designated by Hahnemühle to use the submitted photo series or excerpts in connection with the Competition, without any restrictions in terms of time, place or content and free of charge, as follows:

  • To print it,
  • To show it in public,
  • To publish or arrange for it to be published online and offline in Hahnemühle’s own and other media.

Hahnemühle will always mention the entrant’s full name in connection with the publication of the submitted photos. The above consent can only be revoked for good cause.

 12. Exclusion from the Competition
Hahnemühle reserves the right to exclude entrants from the Competition if they breach these terms and conditions of entry. In the event of reasonable suspicion of abuse, manipulation or any unauthorised or illegal use of the Competition, the entrants concerned will be excluded immediately and without prior notice.

13. Data protection
Hahnemühle is the data controller pursuant to Art. 4(7) GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation). It collects, processes, uses and stores the data provided by the entrants during submission of the photo series for the duration of the Competition and subsequent advertising campaigns and exhibitions, for the purpose of running and carrying out the Competition. The data will not be used for further purposes by Hahnemühle or third parties without the express consent of the entrants.

Under Articles 12 et seq. GDPR, entrants have the following rights with regard to their personal data:

  • Right of access
  • Right to rectification or erasure
  • Right to restriction of processing
  • Right to object to processing
  • Right to data portability
  • Right to lodge a complaint with a data protection supervisory authority about the processing of their personal data by Hahnemühle.

The entrants may request information about stored personal data by email to photocompetition@hahnemuehle.com.

14. Final provisions
The laws of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply exclusively to the running of the Competition and to any disputes in connection with the Competition.

Hahnemühle may amend the terms and conditions of entry at any time if this appears to be objectively justified. Any changes will be published on the Website.