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[Translate to 中文 (CN):] Finest writing paper is an absolute must for analogue font lovers. Hold on to your thoughts! Everywhere and immediately when you come to your mind. With the introduction of the new Stationery FineArt line, Hahnemühle is consistently expanding its paper expertise into the field of writing culture. The notebooks are elegant companions in puristic designs, combined with fine details.

1584 by Hahnemühle

The elegant "1584 by Hahnemühle" notebook is available in the finest of colours; sea green, lilac and peach. With its attractive, feminine design it is the perfect note-taking companion.

Thanks to the three colour-coded bookmark ribbons it is easy to find your appointments and notes, and a rubber band helps keeping your thoughts, little notes and pictures safe inside the notebook.

With 200 pages, "1584 by Hahnemühle" offers enough space to make appointments and reminders in your own style that brings back a bygone moment and tames the chaos of everyday life. 160 white pages of the finest writing paper with a 40-sided colour-coordinated core. The paper slides pleasantly through your fingers and is an absolute must for analogue font lovers. The haptic, durable cover of the notebook with a precious embossing on the back does not only protect the content, but it also makes the book a piece of jewellery that you like to surround yourself with.

In practical A5 format, it fits in any handbag so that thoughts and memories can be captured at any time.

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A 5

sea green


A 5



A 5