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Jacque and Junior´s Oratory

Jacque and Junior´s Oratory
© Ben Tseddek
Artist Ben Tseddek
Print Title Jacque and Junior´s Oratory
Certificates (1)

#343893 (Rooster)

Description Oratório de Jacque e Júnior. Objeto de Arte executado sobre madeira MDF, 15mm de espessura. Modelagem em Cola Quente e Massa Cimentícia, Folheamento Metálico e Pintura Acrílica. Dimensões: 59x46cm, formato sinuoso, com pontas e curvas assimétricas. Obra finalizada em 29 de Janeiro de 2023. ________ Jacque and Junior´s Oratory Art object executed on a plywood board (named MDF in Brazil). Thickness: 15mm. Hot glue gun modelling, combined with white cementitious putty. Gold and Silver leaf (imitation) partially covered with acrylic paint. Size: 59x46cm. Sinuous shape with asymmetrical curves and ends.
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Upload date 2023-01-30
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