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Funky Rooster (Ed. of 5)

Funky Rooster (Ed. of 5)
© Sergio Cesario
Artist Sergio Cesario
Print Title Funky Rooster (Ed. of 5)
Certificates (1)

#386390 (Rooster)

Description At the crack of dawn, the renewal of spirit. That’s when a soul feels the fullest intensity of freedom, lightness and happiness. A black rooster is photographed, bringing back the symbolism of ancient Celtic mythology, where the animal accompanied Hermes, the God of Abundance. Why not transforming the bird into a White Rooster instead, after all, it was also seen in Gaul accompanying the Goddess Mother, a symbol of fertility. In this piece, the color pink serves to tone down the aggressiveness of the male animal, giving it a more youthful energy, more of an intuitive self, whilst the blue resembles the Brazilian campaign to raise awareness of prostate cancer. The set of colors was chosen to inspire good health and fun. The Rooster also symbolizes a desire of love, life and fertility, even a resurrection. - “Funky Rooster”, a Fine Art print 36” x 27” is the first of a Limited-Edition Series of 5 (five) prints hand-signed by the artist. This artwork was created on February 08, 2022 and released on March 20th, 2023 Inventory #: SC22FR-LE1PPA
Media Type Photography, print under acrylic
Printer Epson Stylus pro 9890 plotter
Ink UltraChrome pigmented
Upload date 2023-04-10
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