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© Kayur Kotecha
Artist Kayur Kotecha
Print Title PORTAL
Certificates (2)

#390145 (Rooster)

#390136 (Rooster)

Description Each day we have two opportunities to behold the magic of the Universe, through the observance of the sun rising and setting By simply opening ourselves up to the higher vibrational energy that can be felt when witnessing the first and last light of the day, we come face-to-face with the gateway that connects us with the greater whole Rising with the sun is a daily practice. A source of incredible power. An atomic habit and routine that allows us to greet the day at the same time nature does. Sunrise provides us with the notion of new beginnings and possibilities - a perfect time to set intentions for the day ahead The juxtaposition to the personification of sunrise is honouring the sunset which balances out the day. It gives us time to reflect on endings and note our accomplishments. When we watch the sun setting it can elicit a powerful emergence of awareness of being in union with something invisible - healing and illuminating us as we spectate it On those days when the skies are filled with dull dark grey clouds, masking your view of the glorious spectacle that dawn and dusk brings, gift yourself the precious moment (with a warm cup of herbal tea) to bask and gaze at “Portal”; reflecting on the significance of the biggest star in our solar system This photograph was created by Kayur as a medium to connect you to something much bigger than yourself and to serve as a reminder that you are a very much a part of it!
Media Type Centurion Metallic Pearl Photo Paper
Printer Canon imagePROGRAM PRO-4100
Ink Canon LUCIA Inks
Upload date 2023-09-16
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