Deep in Thought

Artist Jenna Laney
Print Title Deep in Thought
Certificates (1)

#197410 (Rooster)

Description ‘Deep in Thought' is an original drawing. The registered hologram for ‘Deep in Thought’ is #197410 (Rooster). This original pastel drawing was created in 2017 using pencil and pastel on Hahnemühle Velour. This drawing will be framed and signed by the artist. Dimensions of paper: 21.4cm(w) x 23.9cm(h) approx. This certifies that the artwork named above is authentic and authorised by the artist. All copyrights to the artwork that this certificate accompanies are reserved to the artist. Reproductions may not be made.
Media Type Hahnemühle Velour
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Upload date 2018-08-24
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