Quadruple Helix

Quadruple helix.jpg
Artist Jack Kruf
Print Title Quadruple Helix
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#332877 (Rooster)

Description Fine art inkjet pigment print. Limited edition of 25 works of 40x40 cm print in HQ 50x50 cm Barth frame and 50 works of 20x20 cm print in HQ 30x30 cm Barth frame. 70% UV Museum Glass. Serie: City Canvas. Strong economic development needs cooperation between government (Imperial Blue*), business (Flame*), education (Vibrant Yellow*) and science (Lime Green*). Of course new accents in the future are there to be discovered (Snow White*). This collaboration is conceptual considered as helix, being a set of DNA-connections, but in real life it shows itself more like a puzzle.
Media Type Hahnemühle German Etching
Printer Epson SC-P800
Ink Epson UltraChrome HD
Upload date 2020-01-09
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