Swim Call

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Artist Sara St. John
Print Title Swim Call
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Description Anchored in 40 feet of water outside Te Tautua, a north east village inside Penrhyn atoll of the Northern Cook Island chain. During mid-day August 2016 the air was still and the water was like glass. The sharks near the village were accustomed to being fed by villagers, so daily they circled our boat SV Just Drifting, a 2004 Beneteau 473. This day in particular Sara did her best to capture as many as seven black-tip sharks in one photograph. The water so crystal clear the natural coral and sand bottom add color depth to this photograph, plus a few Saddle Wrasse and Remora that circled the sharks. Released April 2018, vivid high detail digital photograph printed using Archival-grade fine art ink jet process (Giclee) with Canon printers and Canon Ink on LexJet metallic paper to amplify existing colors. One quarter inch thick, cast acrylic mount, twenty-four by thirty-six inch, with hand polished crystal clear edges. 97% UV protection. A non-glare finish to prevent mirroring. DiBond backing and French Cleat Mounting Hanger floating a half inch from the wall. This is a limited edition of 80 prints initialed by the artist using a watermark in the lower right corner.
Media Type Cast Acrylic
Printer Canon
Ink Archival Grade Fine Art Ink Jet Process (Giclee)
Upload date 2018-09-03
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