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Filter Papers for edible oiland other food processing applicationsFilter Paper for Seed Analysis
and other agricultura purposesFilter Papers for the Food IndustryFilter Papers for Environmental AnalysisFilter Papers for Chemical Applications

Filter Papers for edible oil
and other food processing applications

Filter Paper for Seed Analysis

and other agricultura purposes

Filter Papers for the Food Industry

Filter Papers for Environmental Analysis

Filter Papers for Chemical Applications

Our Products - Your Benefits

The presentation of our filter paper portfolio is as interesting and diversified as research itself. We are specialists in the production of innovative filter paper for specific filtration applications.

The key to our success is the utilisation of first class raw materials, specialised stock preparation and adaptability to changes in the market. We offer every customer the perfect filter paper that corresponds to their complex and individual requirements.

Benefit from our products regarding:

  • reliable reproducibility of your processes
  • less contamination
  • the purest paper in the market