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Assembling of the order number for filter circles, folded filters and sheets

More examples of order numbers

Product Format Type Size Order number
Folded Filters of type 595 with 125 mm diameter DF 595 125 DF595125
Folded Filters of type 602h with 320 mm diameter DF 602 320 DF602320
Filter circles of type 589/1 with 12,7 mm diameter DP 5891 0127 DF58910127
Sheets of BP003 with 200 mm x 150 mm BP003 200150 BP003200150
Filter circles, GF 9, 50 mm diameter GF9 050 GF9050


  • Folded filters are available with sizes starting from 70 mm.
  • Package size for Filter circle is 100 units per box with diameters starting from 13 mm and higher, 1000 units with diameters below 13 mm.
  • Package size for folded filters and sheets is 100 units or as noted.