Selection Guide

The selection of the right filter paper for the intended technical and industrial separation depends on many different factors. Therefore a closer look into the aims and objectives of the filtration process should be completed before a filtration medium is selected. The following questions will help to find the best filter paper:

  • What is filtered?
  • Which kind of particles are in the solution?
  • What is the size of these particles?
  • What shall be the maximum particle size in the resulting filtrate?
  • What is the pH of the solution?
  • What is the temperature during the filtration process?
  • Can the temperature be increased?
  • What is the viscosity of the solution?
  • What is the pressure during the filtration?
  • Are the paper sheets supported in the filter press?
  • What is the material of this support?
  • How long does the filtration process take?
  • How many grams of particle load per sqm of filter paper are expected?
  • Are there any additional requests on the filter material?

Please see some examples for uses and the best suitable filter paper:

Application Smooth Creped Cards
Separation of soot particles from air 604L, 597L    
Filtration of unsweetened juice, wine and spirits 572 2048 3605
Filtration of viscous liquids and emulsions (e.g. sweetened      
viscous juices, spirits and syrups, resin solutions, lacquers,      
essential oils, essences and plant extracts) 1450nf, 3205 520bII, 520b, 520a, 3144L  
Purification of electroplating baths 520b 2589a
Fine impurities in industrial liquids 1577, 3205 2772 5703, 2208, 2589a-d, 2294, 2282
Filtration of difficult to clarify liquids, edible oils, transformer and turbine oils BF 22
Use in filter presses (protective paper) 1577 2410 1
Filtration of tanning solutions and paints, vacuum and pressure filtration and lining larger suction filters |1577 | |2208
Boiler water filtration and filtration of active carbon particles | | |2589a-b
Determination of water uptake according to Cobb | || 5703
Monitoring dye stuffs in the textile industry |1450nf | |
Cytocentrifugation in cytological diagnosis | | |2589c, 2589d
Determination of the whiteness of milk, textile fibres |0048 | |


The use of a special filter paper in certain filtration equipment usually requires a specific paper shape. Paper rolls with various width and lengths, filter circles with centre hole, large sheets with exactly positioned holes for the right fitting into a filter press and specific shapes with a flute or with pleats.
All these conversions can be done with our own specific equipment. Please contact us!