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Folded FiltersAshless filter papers for quantitative analysisSyringe FiltersMembrane filters Seed testing papers

Folded Filters

Ashless filter papers for quantitative analysis

Syringe Filters

Membrane filters

 Seed testing papers

Lab Filtration

The traditional papermill Hahnemühle has been producing filter paper of highest quality for more than 130 years, from pure spring water and premium cellulose. In the past Schleicher & Schuell converted and marketed these Filter papers. Hahnemühle has been directly marketing the filter papers since 2008 and supplies well-known customers from the laboratory and the industrial field. Hahnemühle papers satisfy customers in more than 80 countries.
The new trade mark ALBET® LabScience offered in our new catalogue includes a broad range of classic papers, that you will easily recognize, produced with consolidated knowledge and years of experience of paper manufacturing.
We guarantee:

  • More than 100 years experience in developing and manufacturing filter papers
  • Highest quality standards - all testing methods are standardized
  • Strong emphasis on customer and market requirements
  • Reliable, dependable and personal customer relations
  • Complete batch-traceability right back to the raw material

The many grades of Hahnemühle filtration products are the result of an intensive co-operation of our technologists with experienced end-users. Many illustrious end-users around the world appreciate the high quality rating and reliability of the filter products - especially for ambitious and challenging applications.