FineNotes Writing Instruments - Luxury Writing Instruments for the finest Paper

Inspired by the pattern of the cylindrical mould on our 19th-century paper machine, our exclusive writing instruments feature a guilloché surface. This decorative patterning on the palladium-nickel alloy adds a touch of sophistication to our fountain pens, rollerballs and ballpoint pens, while evoking the moulds used by our papermakers. All our pens are produced in limited quantities and are a top-notch addition to the writing paper in our Hahnemühle notebooks.

Experience the perfect pairing of pen and paper! Every pen glides over the smooth paper, its ink sitting on the surface with richness and precision. Every page in your Hahnemühle notebook is a revelation when you write with, say, our fountain pens kitted out with rhodium-plated 18-carat gold nibs.

Treat yourself to a luxury writing experience: see for yourself how time slows down as your thoughts flow onto the page and you can focus on what really counts!