Hahnemühle Originals Bold Edition

Rollerball · Ballpoint Pen · Fountain Pen, 18-carat gold nib

These pens make a statement – and their name serves as a reminder of our founder, the papermaker Merten Spieß. 'Bold Edition' pens are made from matte stainless steel. They’re clean-cut and refined, exuding strength and presence. These fountain pens, rollerballs and ballpoint pens are the perfect partners for our Iconic and Manuscript notebooks. Detailed, delicate laser engraving of our trademark cockerel ensures that this range is striking and unique, while the engraving on the fountain pen’s rhodium-plated 18-carat gold nib, with stroke width M, is an exceptional highlight.

All our fountain pens include a converter, but you are welcome to use ink cartridges instead.

  • Writing instruments made of stainless steel, matt
  • Available as fountain pen, rollerball and ballpoint pen
  • Ballpoint pen with rotation mechanism
  • Large-capacity metal refill: stroke width M, black
  • Fountain pen with 18 kt. gold nib, rhodium-plated, stroke width M
  • Cartridge/converter system
  • Nib is carefully ‘run in’ by hand

available as:

Hahnemühle Originals Bold



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Ballpoint Pen

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Fountain Pen

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