We are committed to the environment

Clean water and natural fibres form the Foundation of our success for more than 430 years. Our fine papers are unthinkable without these precursors. That is why we are committed to the environment particularly us Here you will find our environmental statement and facts about our paper production. In addition, we inform about our environmental initiative Green Rooster.

Green Rooster – Hahnemühle supports environmental projects

Green Rooster supports selected environmental projects since 2008. To date we donated more than €130,000 to various environmental initiatives. And we will donate more: 5% of our proceeds from securities with the green rooster sticker.

Donations for Elephant Orphans in Kenya

Hasselblad Masters photographer Joachim Schmeisser and his Gallery Immagis teamed up with Hahnemühle for a good cause on the occasion of photokina 2016. Hahnemühle donated the proceeds from the sale of the sample packs of her Digital FineArt papers to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya.An iconic elephant portrait got a lot of attention at the photokina stand of Hahnemühle. Printed on a signature paper from the Hahnemühle Digital FineArt Collection, the German Etching, the painterly and three-dimensional animal portrait had been a good promotion for the exclusive sample packs with all Hahnemühle papers. Record suspicious 3000 packs were sold. Hahnemühle raised the proceeds to € 30,000 from the environmental program 'Green Rooster', thereby supporting the work of the trust for the rearing and release of orphaned elephants in Kenya.Joachim Schmeisser also signed 50 Fine Art prints of his motif "Golden Giant" in A4 format for Hahnemühle fans at photokina.



Naturscouts Leinetal e.V. obtains new website

With financial support from the green rooster initiative by Hahnemühle the “Naturscouts Leinetal e.V” creates an informative new website in the summer of 2014. It shows which protected natural landscape in the South of Lower Saxony does exist. www.naturscouts-leinetal.de informes on the EU bird sanctuary in the home of Hahnemühle. The “Leinepolder” - a 1000-hectare wet meadow landscape - is an important resting and breeding area for more than 250 partly endangered bird species. The new website was lauchend just in time to the start of the next bird migration of cranes, geese, ducks and waders.

"We inform the people so that they protect the nature", says Thomas Spieker, the Chairman of the Naturscouts e.V. Leinetal. Furthermore Hahnemühle - in addition to other sponsors - supported the training of 22 honorary nature Scouts and their gear with spotting scopes for the expert guides.

Hahnemühle thus promotes environmental education on site, in an area in which the company is established since the year 1584. Five percent of the proceeds of paper products with the green rooster feed the green rooster program annually.

The environmental awareness of the Hahnemühle customers is great - the case of landscape painters or animal photographer. The Hahnemühle meets their demands for sustainable papers to the painting or printing and an environmentally friendly mode of production in a unique natural landscape.

New observation deck in Hahnemühle’s home country

The nature scouts of the GFN (Association for nature conservancy in Einbeck and the surrounding region) are happy to announce a new observation platform over 3 meters in height in the nature region ‘Leinepolder.’ “The observation of native and migratory birds during their rest on the open water expense of the blocking debris or at the banks of the adjacent wetlands, is much better now” says Albert Engel from GFN.


The construction of the new observation deck was possible due to the donation totalling 15.000,-€ from Hahnemühle FineArt and Kreis-Sparkasse Northeim.Hahnemühle, as a long-established company based next to the bird sanctuary, supports this project for environmental education.The new observation deck is set on a main resting and breeding place for migratory birds and could be realized due to the money of Hahnemühle’s environmental initiative ‘Green Rooster.’ The Leinepolder is a defined bird sanctuary of the EU and is located next to an important European cycling path. This project is sensible for an intact environment and increases the attraction of the lower Saxony region for nature friends and photographers. Birds such as the Little Egret, crane, wild goose, Egyptian goose, lapwing, stork, Great Crested Grebe and so on are resting or live there. Rare birds e.g. Eurasian Curlew, Western Marsh-Harrier, Water Rail and Kingfisher stop by or hibernate here as well. The blocking debris results to a regularly dredging of bed-load carried from the river Leine. The course of the river stays open even at minus temperatures up to 20 degrees and offers birds continuous food. Due to changing water levels, sediments and erosions build up and create new habitats. Leinepolder is an important resting place for migratory birds in this open and untouched landscape. The observation of the birds happens from a safe distance. Nature scouts from GFN offer several regularly scheduled group or individual guided tours.

For more information: www.gfn-einbeck.de