HaMuNa® Care

Protection pour la bouche et le nez

Les virus et maladies infectieuses se transmettent par des particules, souvent transmises d’une personne à une autre. Elles se propagent lorsque nous parlons, éternuons ou toussons à proximité des autres. Si ces particules sont directement absorbées par un papier présent devant la bouche et le nez, le risque d’infection pour les autres est limité.

HaMuNa® Care est un dispositif de protection buccale et nasale jetable pouvant être utilisé partout, dans les transports en commun, les supermarchés, les salles d’attentes ou tout autre lieu publique. Agissant comme une barrière, il empêche les personnes de transmettre l’infection par la toux et complète un comportement hygiénique en cas de maladie infectieuse. Il est conçu pour un usage de courte durée. 

« Made in Germany », HaMuNa Care® est une marque déposée. Un brevet a été déposé pour le matériau et le design.

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  • Protection contre les particules
  • Papier absorbant respectueux de l’environnement
  • Fabriqué à partir de cellulose de haute qualité
  • Facile à utiliser
  • Ajustable à la forme de la tête

Conditionnement : 4 boîtes de 200 masques

Les masques HaMuNa® Care peuvent être commandés rapidement ici en ligne.

Please note that these disposable mouth and nose covers are not medical protective masks and there are no certifications for this! The wearer of this cover must still adhere to other health recommendations, such as social distancing, thoroughly washing hands, etc.


Your most important questions about HaMuNa® Care disposable mouth and nose cover briefly answered:
  • What are HaMuNa® Care masks made of?

Hahnemühle has developed this mouth-nose cover from high purity filter paper. The paper is made from 100% sustainable and natural raw materials and contains no other compounds. We produce these papers with great expertise for the laboratory and life science market.

  • How do HaMuNa® Care masks work?

The paper has an effectiveness similar to a virostatic. It prevents the spread of droplet secretion contaminated with viruses. Droplets are absorbed directly in front of the mouth and nose when breathing, speaking, sneezing or coughing, thus preventing corona viruses from spreading and avoiding Covid-19 infections. The paper is very absorbent, hence the HaMuNa® Care mask does not have to fit tightly when worn – breathing is easy, and glasses do not fog up.

  • Are HaMuNa® Care masks comfortable to wear?

The material is breathable and allows easy breathing. The fit is also ideal for spectacle wearers and can be individually adjusted in size through a perforation on the wings.

  • Are HaMuNa® Care masks certified?

The paper is skin-friendly and meets the strict standards for paper that comes in contact with food. A certificate from the Fresenius Institute confirms this in accordance with national, European and international regulations.

Our HaMuNa® Care masks are intended as a mouth-and-nose cover to protect employees, customers and visitors from infection through droplet infection during these difficult times. They are not medical products.

Our sales department is happy to answer all further questions about our HaMuNa® Care masks.

Filter Media for Covering the Mouth and Nose


Hahnemühle offers various filter media for personal and home-made protection masks for covering the mouth and nose. The filters are made from high-purity cellulose or synthetic fibres to filter coarse particles from air. Depending on the density of the material, they reduce the permeability of coarse dust and liquid droplets in different degrees. They can be placed in between other open fabrics or used as an interchangeable insert in the pocket of a sewn mask. The filter media differ in thickness, elasticity and permeability to air.

Filter papers can be processed by cutting, pleating and gluing. Hahnemühle offers filter media in various roll and sheet formats, suitable for further processing as required.


Weight (g/qm)

Thickness (mm)

Air permeability (l/qm*s)
















cellulose, synthetic

The filter papers listed are non-medical devices in the sense of the Medical Devices Act

For further information please contact Maximilian.Verwohlt@hahnemuehle.com


Hahnemühle is a global company that has been producing high-quality customised filter papers for industrial applications, as well as a standard range for laboratory filtration, for over 130 years. Together with customers, Hahnemühle develops new products that are traded at the highest level in the global market.

Due to our constantly evolving production processes and strategic partnerships with experienced end-users, we are able to serve our customers with new products whose reliable and reproducible quality guarantee a high degree of control and compliance with specifications.