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Playing the Waiting Game

Playing the Waiting Game
© Federico Cedrone
Artist Federico Cedrone
Print Title Playing the Waiting Game
Certificates (1)

#139936 (Triton)

Description The deity depicted is present in both Greek and Roman mythology with the names of: "Demeter" for the Greeks and "Ceres" for the Romans. In Roman mythology, she is the mother of Proserpina and the daughter of Saturn and Ops. In Greek mythology, she is the mother of Persephone and the daughter of Cronus and Rhea. In both mythologies, she is the goddess of harvests and fertility and the creator of the seasons. Ceres has this interesting characteristic that inspired the title in some way: It was believed that she lived 6 months on earth, bringing with her the fertile season, harvests, births, and good weather. For the other 6 months, she spent in the underworld, where she regenerated, bringing with her the seeds for the next season. You can imagine these two phases as those of light and shadow, meaning darkness also as rest and regeneration. The statue that I photographed is located in a passage area, with light on the left and shadow on the right. Her gaze is directed towards the darkness, but we don't know if she is going or coming. The plastic wrap at her feet may have just been removed or be ready to be used. Therefore, she finds herself in a moment of passage, but also of stasis. "Playing the waiting game" is an English way of saying "to hesitate". From here the title, which in my intentions leaves the viewer the freedom to interpret, but could also suggest the possibility of a rethinking in both directions, with a disruption of the cycle of seasons and, therefore, a climate change, a little like the one we perceive happening in this era.
Media Type Inkjet print on Hahnemühle rag paper
Printer Epson
Ink Epson
Upload date 2023-01-19
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