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Cultural Heritage

Cultural Heritage
© Jack Kruf
Artist Jack Kruf
Print Title Cultural Heritage
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#332889 (Rooster)

Description Unique fine art print of inkjet pigment, 40*40 cm. It is signed by the artist. [sold] Cultural heritage is the felt DNA of society. It most of the time is a contrast where the soft and warm perspective of past days (Pastel Yellow*) contrasts with the hectic world of today (Chili Pepper*). The system world of government, rules and regulations (Jet Black*) is permanently felt and being omnipresent. Unexplored territories and challenges are there too, forming the new building blocks for the future of the living world (Snow White*). *Pantone®
Media Type Hahnemühle German Etching
Printer Epson SC-P900
Ink Epson UltraChrome HD
Upload date 2022-07-24
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