Red - The Hahnemühle Art Calendar 2019

This year’s competition focuses around the colour Red. Take a journey and experience the power of what this colour can incite. Work in a figurative way or create abstract works of art. Express yourself with the most powerful of all colours, extensively or as an accent in your artwork.
Over 900 artists from 38 countries followed our call and filed more than 2,000 images. Many thanks to all participants! Out of all these unique artworks the jury has chosen the 12 calendar images. Now you can see yourself how different the winning pictures deal with the topic "Red".

Further Finalists

In the shortlist with a total of 36 images, the following participants in addition to the winners have made it:

Ann Cecilia Silva

Annelore Tippel

Barbara Ann Holder

Barbara Zeidler

Bernadette Brandt

Carlos Góis

Christine Brandtätter

Elfriede Gleiß

Galina Schwaiger

Gudrun Hofmann

Heike Stecher

Herwig Strobel

Jaime Lopera

Jeannine Mahrholz

Kadriye Sardogan

Katia Fornaroli

Katja Hunger

Kudalyya Hiremath

Maite Molto Ferre

Maria Fellermyer

Marina Abramova

Patricia Ritschard

Sabine Hilscher

Vanessa Almeida