Natural Line 天然材质系列

For many years, Hahnemühle has been consistently working towards finding more environmentally friendly and sustainable ways to produce paper.

Hahnemühle started to use bamboo fibres, a fast-growing and sustainable raw material, in 2008 and launched the mixed media paper Bamboo, made from 90% bamboo fibres and 10% cotton rag. Hahnemühle extended the range with bamboo papers and books suitable for different painting techniques throughout the years.

With the new Agave, Hemp and Sugar Cane papers, Hahnemühle is consistently focussing on further resource-saving papers in the spirit of environmental protection. Hahnemühle's "Natural Line" includes the artist papers Sugar Cane Watercolour, Agave Watercolour, Hemp Sketch, Bamboo Mixed Media and Bamboo Sketch. 

Hahnemühle supports environmental and social projects at regional, national and international level with part of the proceeds from the Natural Line within its Green Rooster Initiative.

All Natural Line papers are

  • vegan
  • resistant to ageing
  • acid-free