Colours of the Earth - Painting Competition for the Calendar 2023

The beauty of the earth in its breathtaking colourfulness offers impressive motifs for the art calendar 2023. Whether the snow-covered mountain panorama, the turquoise blue sea from a bird's eye view or colourful traditional costumes - every country, every region has an immense wealth of colours. Discover our Hahnemühle Calendar 2023! It is a colourful journey around the world with this year's winning motifs. The size and the fine Hahnemühle paper of the calendar make each monthly motif a valuable art print.

1066 colourful and positive artworks by more than 500 international artists participated in this year's competition. 
We thank all participants for their submissions!

This year, for the first time, there are 13 winners, as the calendar cover is also adorned with a picture from the competition. The winners are: Aline Barge, Anna Zadorozhnaya, Antje Eichner, Lucas de Oliveira Rodrigues, Fusun Kuseyrioglu, Shiyan Zhuang, Luz Alegria Ostos Martinez, Sonja Vilches, Erzsébet Kis-Nagy, Sabine Lotthammer, Irene Lackmann, Dóra Karóczkai-Koreny, Anastasia Mattern.

Further Finalists

In the shortlist with a total of 36 images, the following participants in addition to the winners have made it:

Detlev Bucks
Cristina Dominguez
Elena Liptschansk
Burhan Özer
Joanna Frydko
Sébastien Piquet
Ramon Pujolà
Susanne Klemm
Antje Winkler
Fernanda Cizesck
Maria Sin
Gustavo Virgilio
Cahya Utamie Pujilestari
Prima Milawati
Marta Moreno Pinilla
John Alexander Muñoz Bolaños
Beatrix Radfux
Susanne Hohaus
Ainhoa Vélez
Krystyna Nowak
Ana Gonzalez