Certified Studios supported by Hahnemühle

The Hahnemühle Certified Studio program is created to support professional print providers to achieve and maintain excellence in art reproduction, digital art and photographs.

A Certified Studio has been accredited by one of our technicians after a training session and assessment has been completed. Among many criteria, the studio must have an advanced education level regarding archivability/longevity of their prints, with full competence in fine art inkjet printing workflow. They must fully implement the Colour Management workflow.
Instructional orientation is conducted during an on-site visit by one of our technicians. The objective is to increase efficient printing workflow, accurate colour management, and correct print handling practices that will assure consistent high-quality output.

Each Certified Studio receives ongoing direct support, training and workshops, profiling services and product information directly from us at Hahnemühle FineArt.

Artists actively seek out a Certified Studio because they can rely on the business to provide consistent quality in all production steps from trained employees. Most importantly, they would receive assured archivability of all prints made on Hahnemühle Digital FineArt media and a consistent print quality. 



  • 对于收藏级制作工艺具有全面的了解和专业素质
  • 熟练掌握数字艺术输出流程
  • 熟练掌握色彩管理流程
  • 具备标准光源条件,可在标准光源下进行色差检验、调整工作
  • 可提供软打样
  • 具备图像无损调整的操作知识
  • 合理使用专业级艺术喷墨打印机
  • 使用哈内姆勒收藏级数字艺术输出介质


  • 可得到二级支持
  • 参与技术培训
  • 哈内姆勒总公司可协助提供设备特性文件制作服务
  • 第一时间获得最新产品信息


  • 各个工作环节都保持稳定、一致的专业水平
  • 收藏级保证的输出作品
  • 稳定的高品质输出效果
  • 经专业训练的技术人员


  • 哈内姆勒总公司对认证人员(或认证机构)进行培训
  • 哈内姆勒公司的授权经销商可以指定工作室为候选的认证工作室。符合资质要求的工作室也可以自行提出申请
  • 哈内姆勒公司的认证人员(或认证机构)将对候选认证工作室进行评估
  • 如需要进行培训,将进行相应的评估和安排
  • 在进行最终评估后,哈内姆勒将给予认证授权