Certified Studios supported by Hahnemühle

The Hahnemühle Excellence Program is based on the successful and internationally renowned Hahnemühle Certified Studio Program and aims to highlight and reward print studios and laboratories that focus on printing excellence, quality consistency, and outstanding service with Hahnemühle inkjet papers. This network of the best print studios and labs from around the world offers photographers and artists support in finding and selecting the right printing partner.

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Part of the Hahnemühle Excellence Program is to redefine the rules and benefits to become, remain, or upgrade as a Hahnemühle Certified Studio. All print studios and laboratories receive a status based on qualifications and various conditions. In total, there are four different levels a print studio can reach. Initially, they become part of the Hahnemühle Presidents Club, after their certification they receive the status Hahnemühle Certified Studio Gold and with an upgrade and deeper educational level the Hahnemühle Certified Studio Platinum status. The top forms the Hahnemühle H-Circle, an exclusive group of Hahnemühle print studios that function as official Hahnemühle spokespeople.

All Certified Studios are checked, trained, and certified by Hahnemühle experts according to the strictest criteria. Among many criteria, the print studios must be able to advice on the strengths and variety of Hahnemühle’s FineArt portfolio and have implemented a complete Colour Management system either with custom ICC-Profiles or the ICC-Profiles created by Hahnemühle. Their knowledge and abilities must guarantee a professional and first-rate printing experience.

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Levels of Hahnemühle`s Excellence Program

Hahnemühle Presidents Club

Becoming a member of the Presidents Club is the first step into the Hahnemühle Excellence Program with all its benefits. Every print studio, lab or print service provider is welcome to join and become part of this unique international fine art printing network. A network which offers enthusiasts, artists, and galleries a first-class selection of top printing partners. As a Presidents Club member, you are familiar with Hahnemühle media and have some initial professional experience in fine art printing. With these basics you can show your ambition and take the next step by submitting an official certification request via the Hahnemühle App to become a Hahnemühle Certified Studio.

Hahnemühle Certified Studio Gold

A print studio with the Hahnemühle Certified Studio Gold status has successfully completed the Hahnemühle certification process and enjoys validation of its expertise in the fine art printing industry through this internationally recognised certificate. You are considered a skilled printing partner offering assured archivability and consistent quality of all prints produced on Hahnemühle media. Together with Hahnemühle you can rise to become one of the best print service providers in the world and benefit from marketing support, sponsorship of your desired projects, and direct involvement in Hahnemühle’s product development as a beta-tester.

Hahnemühle Certified Studio Platinum

Achieving the Hahnemühle Certified Studio Platinum status makes you one of the best Hahnemühle Certified Studios worldwide. You have excellent knowledge and advisory skills on the strengths and variety of the Hahnemühle FineArt portfolio as well as on the archivability and longevity of artworks and fine art prints. An outstanding printing experience on Hahnemühle media is guaranteed at your print studio. As a Hahnemühle Certified Studio Platinum you are just one step away from becoming a member of an elite group at the top of the Hahnemühle Excellence Program. You are one of the few print studios and labs that have the potential and the qualification.

Hahnemühle H-Circle

As a member of the H-Circle, you belong to the crème de la crème of all Hahnemühle Certified Studios. There are only a handful of other print studios in the world that have mastered fine art printing in way you do. In addition, you and the other carefully selected H-Circle members have deepened your knowledge about Hahnemühle itself, the importance of sustainability and the ancient art of paper making in the Hahnemühle Educational Program. With the H-Circle status, you act as an official Hahnemühle partner and spokesperson. A loyal Hahnemühle user and fan keen to share its expertise with photographers, artists, and other print studios.

* We reserve the right to accept or reject a certification request or upgrade application for the Hahnemühle Excellence Program, to the extent permitted by applicable law.