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Comet 1575

Comet 1575
Artist Spacestronaut Art
Print Title Comet 1575
Certificates (1)

#325119 (Rooster)

Description This comet was made with an actual Rolex caliber 1575 Automatic Upper Bridge that was used in the Rolex GMT 1675 Pepsi model. The movement was a "1575" even though the bridge was stamped with 1570, it was used across a few Rolex watches. The Rolex GMT Pepsi 1675 was worn in space by Ed Mitchell in 1971. He was Lunar Module Pilot of Apollo 14, and spent about nine hours on the lunar surface, that makes him only the sixth person to ever walk on the Moon. The painting glows in the dark and features a very 3d cross-cut Earth so you can view the inner core, outer core, and mantle with volcano erupting lava. There is an iceberg floating off an ice-shelf in the ocean and some very cool 3d painted trees that pop out of the painting. There is so much depth to this painting and like all Spacestronaut painting, they are painted on all the sides, so from any angle it's viewable.
Media Type Canvas
Printer Painting
Ink Acrylic
Upload date 2022-08-03
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