Hahnemühle Sketch Paper

The term sketch comes from the Italian “schizzo” and means “draft”. It refers to a hastily executed pictorial composition of a planned painting (draft) or study. Sketches are especially lively and expressive. Just a few strokes can capture the mood of a person or a moment. For ideas and thoughts to be converted into sketches the corresponding painting base is required.

The paper should posses a grainy, rough, slightly harder surface. Harder pencil varieties will therefore leave fewer pressure marks, adherence is greater so that the strokes are clearer. In addition erasability on harder surfaces is better.
The paper must be properly sized so that the fibres are not abraded through repeated erasures, etc. If softer pencils are used then the finished drawing must be fixed, otherwise the sketch may become slightly smudged.

Hahnemühle FineArt sketch papers are particularly suitable for these applications as we offer many qualities with a variety of surface weights and structures made from high quality ingredients.

Finest Artist Papers for the most exacting requirements. 

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