Beauties of Nature - Painting Competition for the calender 2021

More than 800 artists from 53 countries followed our call and submitted more than 2,100 images. Many thanks to all participants!

The artworks have been selected. Congratulations to the 12 artists whose work represent the theme beautifully. We congratulate Antonio Giacomin, Carlos Alberto de Góis, Catherine Jouanne, Julianne Meidra, Martina Müller, Mathilda Bergmann, Melinda Simon, Raúl Montecino, Sabrina Pelikan, Silke Grob, Silvana Fogaccia, Susanne Klemm and are pleased to present the calendar pictures 2021.

Further Finalists

In the shortlist with a total of 36 images, the following participants in addition to the winners have made it:

Alexander Jaramillo
Alvaro Guitian
Annick Sary
Annie Strack
Annika Babetzki
Benjavun Amka
Charlotte Montanaro
Consuelo Córcoles Marcos
Gustavo Virgilio
Heike Stecher
Herwig Strobel
Isai Carreto Salas
Jinyu Han
Jürgen Maier
Kevin Külsen
Larisa Antonova
Laura Hepworth
Mila Dierksen
Nicholas Ilic
Paschalis Dougalis
Shiyan Zhuang
Ute Schmitt
Veronika Bormann-Kessler
Wandy Lee