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There are some things which fortunately never change. One of them is the desire to create, with one's own hands, unique works of art; the desire for creative development without excessive technical preparations – using simple chalk, charcoal or brush.

Hahnemühle makes unique papers for unique works of art. Since 1584 we have been producing paper of unparalleled quality for artistic and graphic use. Nor will this change: the attachment to tradition and drawing on the paper-making art, which has made Hahnemühle one of the leading paper producers worldwide.

That is why in our production we employ traditional and proven technologies, using the Fourdrinier and cylinder mould machines. The distinguishing feature of Hahnemühle was and will be the ability to combine tradition with modern technologies. This way, paper is produced according to old recipes, passed from generation to generation, and it continues to meet the highest demands of present-day standards.

The papers and boards of Hahnemühle Traditional FineArt are characterized by supreme quality, are resistant to ageing, can be used for numerous applications, and are simply beautiful!

All Hahnemühle papers have been certified by independent institutes to be highly resistant to ageing and are vegan, in order to meet the highest requirements of customers.

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