The team

Ever since it was founded in 1584, our business has been built on the expertise and reliability of our staff. The fact that we have such a long and continuous tradition in one of the world’s oldest crafts to be proud of is purely down to their hard work. Our paper is, and always has been, set apart by its hand-crafted nature. We believe that hand crafting is a form of sustainability, too: with our economic flair, eye for technological developments and absolute focus on our clients’ needs, we have been producing paper at the same site for more than four centuries.

We owe our success to our dedicated members of staff, each of whom is a specialist in their respective field. Our employees are united by a shared responsibility to exchange paper production expertise; a sense of team spirit in a medium-sized company and a commitment to producing the finest possible papers for a global market.

As paper manufacturers, we need qualified staff, whom we are happy to train ourselves, and to whom we can pass on our paper-making knowledge and expertise. We take on the responsibility of training young people in technical and commercial roles and offer a range of entry and support options for all people, regardless of nationality, skin colour, gender, religion, sexual orientation or physical disability.Our 

Our Hahnemühle FineArt Code of Conduct contains a set of standards for our corporate actions, our social conduct, a guide for making difficult decisions and an overview of contacts available for questions and concerns. For any concerns, suggestions, or other matters, we can be reached via the following email addresses: or in accordance with the EU Whistleblower Directive and the German Whistleblower Protection Act to protect persons who have received information about violations in the course of their professional activities and report them.

All of us at Hahnemühle - are committed to upholding the principles set out in this Code.


We are very demanding of our suppliers in terms of quality and efficiency. We also expect them to meet certain social and environmental standards. In return, we obviously ensure that our requirements are economically feasible, as we aim to build long lasting business relationships. We believe it is important to establish a fair and trusting working relationship with suppliers, as well as a cooperative partnership. We require our direct suppliers to meet certain social and environmental standards and we actively encourage them to apply the same requirements to their own suppliers. To ensure these environmental standards are upheld, we evaluate our suppliers to ensure their resources are sustainable and meet legal requirements as the bare minimum.



Hahnemühle has always prided itself on creating high-quality products. This makes it all the more important when providing expert retail consulting with the highest level of service. We focus on building long-term business relationships with specialist consulting and service providers, whether for laboratory or art supplies. Organising intensive product training sessions and presentations - either at one of our sites or our clients' - is a high priority for us.