"Faith" implements belief, trust, confidence, and loyalty

Painting Competition for the Calendar 2024

Faith is a word with many positive meanings. The belief in yourself or in others, the faith in someone or in something greater than ourselves, the confidence in what lies ahead or the devotion to others.

Faith is not just an emotion rather it’s a decision to change or believe in something. Despite not being visible, faith can be demonstrated everyday in the interactions we have and the example that we set for others. With "faith" you can surpass yourself and change your world or the world around you.

Show us what is important to you, what you believe or place your trust in, what you have hope for and how this can be demonstrated through your art practice. Let's create a calendar full of confidence and hope.

We look forward to your contributions.

The competition is over, the upload portal is closed.

We are looking forward to the judging and the selection of the winning images, which we will announce in autumn 2023.

Join us next year for our new competition!