How to use is a tool offering artists the possibility to administrate their Certificates of Authenticity online. You can find an explanation of the certificate system on the Hahnemühle website. works with the ‘Triton’ hologram (discontinued) and the current certificate with ‘Rooster’ hologram. Please find images of the holograms below.

The website is subdivided into two sections:

  • The public area allowing everyone to gather information on all registered artworks. In a ImageFlow, 25 images are displayed; 25 additional pictures can be displayed by clicking the button ‘More images’. The pictures uploaded last come first. The ‘Search’ button allows for a selective search by entering details of the artist, the title of the work of art or the certificate number. For navigating, use left and right buttons or the mouse.

  • The administrative area for artists who would like to register their artworks. To administrate works of art, a free-of-charge registration is required. If you would like to register your certified artwork please follow the ‘Artist Login’ button.


Hahnemühle Echtheitszertifikat 

Double-clicking an image will make an information site appear, providing the following details:

  • Artist – Artist name
  • Print Title – Image name
  • Certificate – Certificate number
  • Media type – used media
  • Printer – Fine Art printer
  • Ink type
  • Description

To contact an artist please click on the link next to to the artist’s name. Should you be interested in an image, the respective artist can provide you with additional information.

We wish you a lot of fun while browsing the website.
The team