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Morpho Luna

Morpho Luna
Artist David Galinski
Print Title Morpho Luna
Certificates (1)

#418815 (Rooster)

Description The "Morpho Luna" is a part of a new experimental a photo series "Project temporarily called RED". The main assumption of which is to search for new forms of imaging and ways of influencing the viewer by a portrait. The main goal of the project was to check where the post-production possibilities, both digital, analog and hybrid, directly related to the “Problem of redefining the visual arts in the digital age”, begin and end. The entire project is divided into several independent, although consistent in terms of form and color, sub-projects, each of which individually was both a photographic dream not realized so far and an attempt to check the possibilities of tonal digital photography on a printout. It is a response to the shallowness and duplicity of photography in the era of social media and to address the problem of losing awareness of one's own identity at the expense of creating an imaginary portrait in the fight against the pressure of society, which was chosen in the form of experiments by looking for both similarities and differences among people seemingly extreme in terms of visual aspects and characters who have been meticulously fused together in an organic way to represent the different sides of a person's personality and the fragmentation of each person's personality. The red color chosen is not accidentally associated with the rise, evolution, death and struggle. It's therefore directly related to all and dynamic manifestations of existence - action, movement, energy, sexuality. It is the most intense and "noticeable" color often used in advertising. It is also the most stimulating .. good and bad, by watching hundreds of thousands of works representing an extremely different workshop and substantive level, the sensitivity to aesthetics increases in conscious people who create art, while it is lost many times in people who are random recipients. Mass culture meant that the visual value was translated above the substantive value, so that the audience is flooded with a wave of kitsch or worthless art. Just like the Dadaists spoil art - sometimes to build you first have to spoil or destroy. Recipients have got used to the fact that everything is possible in the creation of an image, which means that more important than the question “what will we do with the photo during processing?” Is the question “what are we not going to do with it?”. // Title : “Morpho Luna” Date of creation: June 22/2021 Print size: 400 x 450mm Paper size: 430 x 480mm Print number: copy N° 1/1 Prints in edition: edition [1/1AP] This print and this certificate are each certified through a hologram carrying the unique number 418815. This fine art print is the first of a limited edition of 1 prints signed by the artist. Printed by Radoslaw Korneluk on 02 January 2022 on Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Ultra Smooth 305 g/m² - using a printer Epson SureColor SC-P20000 with Epson Ultra Chrome Pro inks. There is a biological specimen on the printout Morpho Luna butterfly.
Media Type Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Ultra Smooth 305 g/m² / Biological specimen - Morpho Luna butterfly
Printer Epson Sure Color P20000
Ink Epson Ultra Chrome Pro
Upload date 2022-11-21
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