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Sieh, wie ich mich bewege 15

Sieh, wie ich mich bewege 15
© Kristine Narvida -
Artist Kristine Narvida -
Print Title Sieh, wie ich mich bewege 15
Certificates (1)

#461165 (Rooster)

Description Kristine Narvida - Sieh, wie ich mich bewege 15 - 2022 - Öl auf Leinen - 80 x 100 cm erhältlich bei Auctionet It is important for me to know that this is exactly the real and only life, and not a place for nostalgia after another one. Through the understanding of time, the acceleration of which we can physically feel, through the vis-à-vis of a living human model, a pause is created, a place is created for the emergence of the present. Every line and every brushstroke are precise, just like every meeting with this person, a dream, a thought. A technical work with a thought makes it possible to see how the ideal becomes material. I observe the movement, participate in it, and this process is what gives honour and meaning, joy and suffering.
Media Type Linen/Leinen
Printer Original Artwork
Ink Oil/Öl
Upload date 2023-02-02
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