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嚆矢濫觴 The beginning of things

嚆矢濫觴 The beginning of things
© Silvio Segatori
Artist Silvio Segatori
Print Title 嚆矢濫觴 The beginning of things
Certificates (1)

#154190 (Rooster)

Description 「物事の始まり」を意味します。 寒い夜から明ける冬の晴れた日の光は、闇の中にいる人にも 幾分かの希望をもたらしてくれる気がします。 風景の美しさ、その色は、日本の神を身近に感じさせます。 It means "beginning of things". The light of a sunny day in winter that breaks from a cold night can be seen even by people in the dark. I hope it gives you some hope. The beauty of the scenery and its colors make us feel closer to the Japanese gods.
Media Type Photo Rag Metallic 340 gsm
Printer Canon ImagePROGRAF PRO G1
Ink Lucia Pro Ink
Upload date 2023-05-21
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