Round Watercolour Paper

300 gsm - cold pressed - surface sized - 100% cotton

Colourful flower wreaths, blooming landscapes, distant galaxies, or a delicious bowl for lunch - all these beautiful motifs can be painted on the Round Watercolour Paper from Hahnemühle. The round paper takes artists out of their comfort zone, expands their minds, and makes creative hearts beat faster. The attractive box with a beautiful motif by French artist Jennifer Lefèvre securely encloses and protects the 30 watercolour sheets, whether painted or unpainted, from dirt and moisture.

Featuring Expression watercolour paper cold pressed made of 100% cotton suitable for watercolour painting, gouache and acrylic. Colours stand out excellently on the surface and give each motif its own unique look. Masking tape and masking fluid can be used and easily removed without leaving any residue. With 300 gsm and a diameter of 13 cm, the round watercolour paper is also perfect for creating custom mobiles.

Like all Hahnemühle papers, the Round Watercolour Paper is vegan, acid-free and age-resistant.

available as:

Round Watercolour Paper, cold pressed





Order no.

300 gsm

13 cm Ø

30 sheets

natural white


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